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VilniusPy #8: Asynchronous WebSockets and Deep Learning

Hi Python Charmers,

As the summer is coming along and we have many other exciting events ahead like PyconLT 2017, the upcoming meetup will host only one talk.

While last meetups did not include any web development topics which many of you are interested in, in this one we will talk more about Django and its Asynchronous WebSockets. Also, we have Romeo Kienzler presenting about parallelisation strategies of large-scale deep learning neural networks.


  1. “Asynchronous WebSockets using Django” (EN) Albertas Gimbutas

Albertas Gimbutas will introduce the concept of Asynchronous WebSockets. Then he will review the functionality of the Django channels package and will show a short example how can it be used in practice.

  1. “Building Brains - Parallelisation strategies of large-scale deep learning neural networks on parallel scale out architectures like ApacheSpark” (EN) Romeo Kienzler

Abstract of the talk provided by Romeo:

New DeepLearning frameworks are being developed on a monthly basis. Most of them have in common that the inventors didn’t have scale-out parallelisation in mind. ApacheSpark and other data parallel frameworks on the other hand are becoming the de-facto standard for BigData analysis. In this talk we will have a look at different DeepLearning frameworks and their parallelisation strategies on ApacheSpark. We’ll start with DeepLearning4J and ApacheSystemML as 1st class citizens. Will then have a look on TensorSpark and TensorFrames and finish with CaffeOnSpark to explain concepts like Inter- and Intra-model parallelism, distributed Cross-Validation and “Jeff Dean” style parameter averaging.

A bit about Romeo:

Romeo Kienzler works as Chief Data Scientist in the IBM Watson IoT World Wide team helping clients to apply advanced machine learning at scale on their IoT sensor data. His current research focus is on scalable machine learning on Apache Spark. He is contributor to various open source projects and works as associate professor for artificial intelligence at a swiss university. Romeo Kienzler is a member of the IBM Technical Expert Council and the IBM Academy of Technology - IBM’s leading brain trusts.

  1. Continue the meetup at a nearby bar for open discussion


Thanks Wix for letting us host the meeting in their Vilnius office at Didžioji st. 28. Call +370 678 18722 in case you need help finding the place.


May 18th, 19:00

Invite for speakers

Want to give a talk at VilniusPy? Contact organisers at, “Contact” button to the left or #vilniuspy channel on UserGroups slack!


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