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VilniusPy #19: Video streaming and multiple dispatch

After some break we are back with a new meetup comming on May 15th.

Not sure if meetups will be regular, because that depends on the community, if there are no one willing to give a talk, then there is no meetup. So please let us know, if you would like to give a talk at VilniusPy.


  • Doug Sillars: I Stream, You Stream: How Do I Make My Video Stream?

    The use of video on the web and on mobile is growing. It is as easy as adding a <video src=”video.mp4”>, and you’re good to go. But, all the top video sites (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu) all stream their video. What do they know that we don’t know? Is streaming more efficient? Do I need any special equipment to create or serve video streams?

    In this talk, we’ll learn the how to create and stream videos, weigh the pros and cons of streaming vs. static videos, and see how easy it is to get started delivering streaming content on the web or to a mobile app.

    In this talk, we’ll look at the performance aspects of delivering video on the web, and how to improve the performance of video by using streaming instead of static videos.


  • Mantas Zimnickas: Multiple dispatch in Python

    Probably most of us understand and use object-oriented paradigm, but is this approach is good enough? Can we do better?

    In this talk, Mantas will discuss how object-oriented programming can be transformed using multiple dispatch paradigm. What benefits we can get from it and into what traps we can fall.



Thanks Tesonet for hosting this meetups in their new Vilnius office at Saltoniškių g. 10C, near Panorama shopping mall.


2019 May 15th, 18:30.


Registration at