VilniusPy #7: Concurrency and Games

Hi Python Charmers,

After last time success where "on paper" over 80 people turned up, we are completely overwhelmed by the size of Python community in Vilnius and are super excited about it!

The only downside of such interest is that it's hard to find a good location for the meetups, so the next one is going to be at Wix which should be able to host all of us comfortably.

In contrast to the last meetup, we are going to dig deeper and more technical this time.


  1. “Concurrent Programming in Python” (EN) Povilas Balčiūnas

Povilas Balčiūnas will try to prove that concurrent programming in Python does not suck. He will demonstrate how to build concurrent networking application in Python and we will all see how fast it can perform. Finally, he will give an overview of the new async/await syntax and show how nicely it fits into concurrent programming.

  1. “Let's do some PyGame” (EN) Donatas Kučinskas

Donatas Kučinskas will introduce the power within PyGame library and how can you use it not only for games, but for other applications as well. Also, prepare to watch some live-coding in action.

  1. Continue the meetup at a nearby bar for open discussion


Thanks Wix for letting us host the meeting in their Vilnius office at Didžioji st. 28. Call +370 678 18722 in case you need help finding the place.


April 19th, 19:00

Invite for speakers

Want to give a talk at VilniusPy? Contact organisers at, “Contact” button to the left or #vilniuspy channel on UserGroups slack!


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