VilniusPy #6: The Return

Hi fellow Python Charmers,

We are excited to announce that after over a year long break VilniusPy is back!


  1. “Why learn Python in 2017?” (EN) Karolis Ramanauskas

Karolis Ramanauskas will be giving a semi-motivational talk about why today is a great time to learn Python. He will give an overview of the current state of the language, its application areas, and in the end will discuss Python’s future.

  1. “Python - the last language you’ll need to learn” (EN) Justas Trimailovas

A more technical walkthrough about Python’s extensive standard library and great ecosystem of third party libraries.

  1. Continue the meetup at a nearby bar for open discussion


Thanks UBER for letting us host the meeting in their Vilnius office at Lvovo st. 25, 8th floor.


March 15th, 19:00

Invite for speakers

Want to give a talk at VilniusPy? Contact organisers at, “Contact” button to the left or #vilniuspy channel on UserGroups slack!


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