VilniusPy #10: Meet, Hack, Show, Ask

For the summer months we will not host any more talks and instead have regular, more informal meetups. So if you match any one of the descriptions below, come join us:

  • Have a project you have been hacking and want to show it for feedback;
  • Found a new library or new technology you want to share;
  • Have questions about Python.
  • Just want to enjoy casual company of other like-minded Pythonistas;

In case you have something to show or want to present a lighting talk, please fill the form and we will give you the spotlight!


There is no real agenda but if there are any presentations, we will arrange them in the first half of the meetup.


Switch Bar, Labdarių 8, Vilnius


July 25th, 18:00 (moved from July 13th due to rainstorms)


Registration at